I work with busy women who struggle to have something for filling for themselves whilst juggling the demands of life by offering customised wellness programs to clearly define their wellness goals and setting you on the road to achieving those goals in order to live a happier more fabulous life.

I began my career in the busy world of television post production and never gave a thought as to what really for filled me. I battled overwhelm, elevated stress, lack of energy and skin breakouts. That was when I turned to yoga which has led me to pay attention to all the elements of my life that sustain me. I continued to change my life for the better and became a certified Holistic Health Coach accredited through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

What is a Health Coach?

As a Holistic Health Coach I do not take the place of a medical practitioner by diagnosing or treating, but I do empower my clients to take responsibility for their health.

I am a supportive mentor and wellness authority helping clients feel their best through food and lifestyle changes. Rather than using a one-size-fits-all method I tailor individualised nutrition and healthy lifestyle coaching programs to meet my client’s needs and goals.


My Nutrition Philosophy

Eat real whole foods – this is unprocessed food without an ingredients list that you can’t pronounce. Choose local, seasonal, and organic as often as possible. Eat a rainbow to ensure you’re getting the full spectrum of vitamins and nutrients your body needs.

Eat more Greens – Learning to incorporate an abundance of dark leafy greens into your meals is essential to maintaining a healthy body and healthy immune system. Greens are the most nutrient dense alkaline foods on the planet and can help to naturally support the function of the body and mind.

Notice how you feel after you’ve eaten – you should always feel better and replenished, not heavy and worse. Replenished energy will serve the optimal function of the body and mind.
Fad Diets do not work – they are rooted in restriction and deprivation. Food and nutrition doesn’t have to be boring to be effective at helping you to lose weight. Life is too short not to be enjoyed.
We all have our own personal journey in life as we seek happiness, health, safety, love and ease in life. It’s important to cultivate healthy habits and choices everyday for the rest of your life to achieve personal growth.

“Health is a vehicle not a destination!”  Dr Mark Hyman, Founder of The UltraWellness Center

The Program Explained

We begin with a 45minute complimentary consultation. During this time we’ll talk through your goals and what you hope to achieve. We’ll look and your current lifestyle, habits, etc. From here I can determine how best we can work together.

The program is a series of 12 sessions customised to you and focused on where you are at this present moment. I will support you as you move through the process from surviving to thriving. We’ll meet or call twice a month for 6 months where we explore your experiences around your behaviour. It’s a fluid method subject to change based on your needs and goals. Once we’ve clearly set your goals you will be given action oriented pathways to achieve them in small increments. Following each session you will receive a re-cap summarising the tools and tips discussed including a specific action to be undertaken in order to get the results you want.

Following our time together you will have invested in yourself, learned and tried new things, set yourself up for success and be well on the road to achieving the life you’ve wanted for yourself.

Are you ready to learn & grow, shift lifestyle habits, live your best and fabulous life? Let’s chat then we can schedule your free consultation.

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