Vinyasa Flow translates as “to place in a special way the breath onto the body”. We focus on linking the breath with the movement in a fluid, steady manner.

It’s a dynamic flowing practice designed to stoke up the inner fire within us to cleanse both body and mind of all the things that no longer serve us.

In these breath co-ordinated movements there are no set sequences of asanas (postures), which allows me to creatively explore the diversity of yoga so for instance, in one session we may delve into hip openers to release stress and physical tension. In another session we may focus on backbends to create length in the front of the body in order to reverse bad habits or try arm balances and inversions.

Refining our ability To listen to our body On deeper subtler levels Guiding us to self healing and true freedom

In my sessions and classes there will be something for everyone all ages and abilities. It will cultivate strength, flexibility and endurance in the mind, body and breath.

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finding freedom with every breath

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